Annual Giving– Members and Non-Members

Our scholarships represent a value of more than $3,000 per child per year. Your contribution to our Annual Giving Campaign supports the cost of these scholarships and helps secure Yikes Tikes! for future children. Your family may be able to donate $3,000 annually, or your contribution may be considerably less. We ask that every family give what is, for them, a generous contribution, no matter what the amount. We welcome contributions to our Annual Giving Campaign from non-members as well and offer a sponsorship package for donations above $1,000.

Monthly Membership Giving

If not making an annual donation, we ask our co-op members donate at least $100 per month per child. These donations go directly to supporting the competitive salary of our excellent teachers and staff.

Make A Donation

Your donation to Yikes Tikes! helps ensure that children in our communities receive an excellent pre-academic education that will help them compete in school and become successful adults. Our $300,000 scholarship endowment supports Yikes Tikes! long-term health and supports our goal of reaching 100 children annually.

Highest giving priority: Participate in the Annual Giving Campaign to support the Yikes Tikes! Scholarship Endowment.
Other giving priorities: Make a donation, support capital projects/special campaigns

An easy way to set it and forget it: automatic monthly donation.


Yikes Tikes! relies on the support of volunteers to keep our program affordable for all children. We are extremely grateful for the work of these dedicated individuals who care as much about providing access to high-quality preschool education as we do. There are many ways to volunteer with our organization, if you are interested in volunteering, please contact

Highest volunteer support priority: We are seeking Board members for our Board of Directors.
Other volunteer support needs: Volunteers to help plan events.