Descriptions of Parent Committees
Hours are estimated for year-round duties.


Maintenance Committee

  • Works with Teacher, Board Maintenance Committee and Board Events Committee.

  • Is charged with keeping our school clean, safe, and in good condition for our children. These projects involve..

    • Incidental painting, sanding, electrical work, gardening, sewing, or other activities needed to maintain the school. (approx. 1-2 hrs/mo on school site)
    • Coordinating their site’s yearly maintenance day, including -conducting a needs assessment with the teacher at least 2 weeks in advance and creating a list of projects for the day (approx. 1-2 hrs on site)
    • Creating a list of materials needed to complete projects (approx. 1 hr)
    • Creating a co-op sign-up system for materials and projects (approx 30 min),
    • Communicating with their co-op about projects to be completed (approx 3 hrs, over 2 weeks),
    • Arranging lunch for workers on day of (approx. 1 hr)
    • Managing and overseeing projects on day of (approx. 8 hours on-site, including clean-up).
    • Assisting with setup and cleanup of all-site events and your site’s events, (either set-up or clean-up, approx. 2 hrs each event) including the Fall Carnival, the Holiday Party, and Graduation. Please see calendar for dates and locations of events and class maintenance day. Families who have bought out of their Maintenance Day obligations cannot serve on the Maintenance Committee. ~52 hrs/year


Fundraising Committee

  • Works with Parent Rep, Teacher, Board Fundraising Committee.

  • Computer access preferred.

  • Helps execute all fundraising activities for the school, including:

    • Maintaining fundraising database (online, can be done from home; 10 hours of work ahead of annual mailing in December)
    • Running¬†any¬†auction or raffle at events (approx. 20 hours of work ahead of event, set-up, run, and wrap-up event, post-event analysis in January and February),
    • Assisting with annual mailing (approx. 10 hrs of printing, stuffing envelopes, organizing by address, in Fremont in November),
    • Seeking donors from community to sponsor on-site and board events (approx. 10 hours of work ahead of each event, see calendar for dates)
    • Pledge drives, bake sale, and/or special projects to be developed by the co-op and board, as needed. ~50 hrs/year


Special Events Committee

  • Works with Parent Rep, Teacher, Board Events Committee and Board Fundraising Committee.

  • Plans and coordinates refreshments, decorations, entertainment, publicity, staffing etc. for their site’s…

    • Site-based fundraising events. Los Altos: Fall Carnival, Fremont: Bowl-a-thon, San Jose: Bowl-a-thon. (Approx. 10-20 hrs prep, on-site for duration of event, 5 hrs wrap and analysis, at school, at home, at event site),
    • Non-fundraising site-based events. All: Graduation, Holiday Party, class picnics, field trips, back to school night. (approx. 4 hrs prep, on-site for duration of event, 1 hr wrap)
    • Creating or delegating creation of marketing materials for site-based events (approx. 5 hrs/event)
    • Seeking donors from community for events (approx. 5 hrs/event)
    • Board fundraising events: Art & Music Festival, Summer Gala (Approx 4 hrs per event, on-site). ~50 hrs/year


Communications and Membership Committee

  • Works with Parent Rep, Teacher, Board Co-Op Committee and Board Marketing Committee.

  • Must have computer and internet access; must have phone access.

  • Responsibilities include…

    • Providing support for co-op communications such as site-based listserves, phone trees, or other communication systems (as needed)
    • By site, conducting parent survey for each member upon enrollment, administer annual survey at parent meeting, and conduct parent survey for each member upon exit (provide instructions, collect surveys, check for completeness; approx. 30 mins for enrollment and exit survey, on-site; approx. 60 mins for annual survey, on-site).
    • Updating all-site member database monthly (approx 1 hr/mo, can be done at home
    • Working with teacher and Parent Rep to maintain member records monthly, including Contact list, Committee Membership list, Classroom Work Calendar, and New Member Classroom Prep (parent worker nametag, sign-in sheet, cubby label, add to contact list, emergency info in binder) (approx. 1 hr/mo).
    • Working with teacher and Parent Rep to maintain member participation records monthly, including no-shows to work days, no-shows to co-op meetings, and work schedule preference.
    • Working with Parent Rep to place members on appropriate committees
    • Working with Parent Rep and Marketing Committee member to maintain site enrollment at full capacity by posting ads to social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. (approx. 1 hr/mo). ~42 hrs/year


Marketing Committee

  • Works with Parent Rep, Teacher, Board Marketing Committee.

  • Access to computer is preferred, access to a camera preferred (not a phone camera).

  • Coordinates school publicity, including

    • Assisting parent rep with school tours (approx. 1 hr/mo, on-site)
    • Assisting with staffing YT booth at preschool faires (1 faire/year, approx 6 hrs, at event location)
    • Attending community events and provides outreach (as needed)
    • Handling (and delegating) all flyering and social-media promotion for site-based events for 1 month ahead of event (1-2 fundraising events/year, 2-3 community events/year; social media can be done at home, flyering will be done in community)
    • Working with other co-ops on flyering and social-media promotion for board events for 1-2 months ahead of event (2 events/year; social media can be done at home, flyering will be done in community, see calendar for event dates)
    • Assisting with video production on-site, as needed. (approx. 1 shoot/year, on-site, 4 hrs)
    • Photographing site-based events or finding a photographer to do site-based events (approx. 3/year, on-site, see calendar for event dates). ~50 hrs/year