NOTE: As of June 1, 2018, the parent co-op aspect of Yikes Tikes! will be discontinued.


Co-Op Committee Descriptions

Maintenance Committee

  • Work with Teacher, Board Maintenance Committee and Board Events Committee.
  • Keep our school clean, safe, and in good condition for our children. These projects involve…
    • Incidental painting, sanding, electrical work, gardening, sewing, or other activities needed to maintain the school.
    • Assist with set up and cleanup of all-site events and your site’s events.
    • Coordinate their site’s yearly maintenance day, including:
      • conduct a needs assessment with the teacher at least 2 weeks in advance and creating a list of projects for the day,
      • create a list of materials needed to complete projects,
      • create a co-op sign-up system for materials and projects,
      • communicate with their co-op about projects to be completed,
      • work with fundraising committee to arrange lunch for workers on maintenance day,
      • manage and oversee projects on maintenance.


Fundraising Committee

  • Work with Parent Rep, Teacher, Board Fundraising Committee. ¬†Computer access preferred.
  • Help execute all fundraising activities for the school, including:
    • Maintain fundraising database,
    • Assist with any¬†auction or raffle activities at events,
    • Assist with annual mailing,
    • Seek donors from community to sponsor on-site and board events,
    • Organize pledge drives, bake sale, and/or special projects to be developed by the co-op and board, as needed.


Special Events Committee

  • Work with Parent Rep, Teacher, Board Events Committee and Board Fundraising Committee.
  • Plan and coordinate refreshments, decorations, entertainment, publicity, staffing etc. for their site’s non-fundraising site-based events, including class picnics, field trips, back to school night.
  • Create or delegate the creation of marketing materials for site-based events.
  • Seek donors from the community for events.
  • Assist with board fundraising events: Art & Music Festival, Summer Gala.


Communications and Membership Committee

  • Work with Parent Rep, Teacher, Board Co-Op Committee and Board Marketing Committee.
  • Must have computer and internet access; must have phone access.
  • Responsibilities include:
    • Provide support for co-op communications such as site-based listserves, phone trees, or other communication systems (as needed),
    • By site, conduct parent survey for each member upon enrollment, administer annual survey at parent meeting, and conduct parent survey for each member upon exit (provide instructions, collect surveys, check for completeness),
    • Update all-site member database monthly,
    • Work with teacher to maintain member participation records monthly,
    • Work with Parent Rep and Marketing Committee member to maintain site enrollment at full capacity by posting ads to social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


Marketing Committee

  • Work with Parent Rep, Teacher, Board Marketing Committee.
  • Access to computer is preferred, access to a camera preferred (not a phone camera).
  • Coordinate school publicity, including:
    • Assist parent rep with school tours,
    • Assist with staffing YT booth at preschool fairs,
    • Attend community events and provide outreach (as needed),
    • Handle (and delegating) distributing fliers and social media promotion for site-based events for 1 month ahead of event,
    • Work with other co-ops on distributing fliers and social media promotion for board events for 1-2 months ahead of event,
    • Assist with video production on-site, as needed,
    • Photograph site-based events or finding a photographer to do site-based events.