NOTE: As of June 1, 2018, the parent co-op aspect of Yikes Tikes! will be discontinued.


The Role of the Parent Worker in the Classroom

Parent Workers play an extremely important role in the classroom as they seek ways to collaborate with teachers and to communicate with children.

When Parent Workers participate in the classroom they…

  • encourage children to expand their knowledge by interacting with them in areas of interest, such as acting out a special character, role playing, cooking a special meal, having a party with their friends, building a huge structure with blocks, and socializing with friends.
  • are involved in their children’s learning.
  • spend time in group activities that create a sense of belonging to the classroom and community.
  • learn and understand the individuality of the children, the philosophy of the program, and its values, practices, and beliefs.
  • build relationships with one another, the therapeutic staff, and the teacher.

Parent Workers are curious about children’s discoveries inside and outside the classroom, sharing a sense of wonder with children when they…

  • engage conversations with them,
  • enjoy reading books with them,
  • tell stories and listen,
  • ask open-ended questions that might extend their learning. Thus, parent volunteers engage children in conversation by learning about their creations, thoughts, and ideas.

We believe that children are creative and competent! Please encourage them to do their own drawing and cutting…when you do it, they miss their opportunity to build their skills.