NOTE: As of June 1, 2018, the parent co-op aspect of Yikes Tikes! was discontinued.


Why A Co-Op?

A cooperative preschool has many benefits for both families and children.

Benefits for Parents

  • Participating in the classroom gives parents a chance to learn about children other than their own—as a reference and insight into their own child’s behaviors.
  • In the classroom, parents observe and learn from teacher reactions to children, which empowers them to be more thoughtful and focused on their parenting.
  • Co-op membership creates opportunities to interact with other parents, sharing stories and experiences.
  • Members form lasting family-to-family friendships.


Benefits for Children

  • Noted child psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner recognized that no 1- or 2-year preschool program can make lasting improvements in any child’s development unless the program helps parents become the agents of change, reinforcing positive changes in the child long after the formal program’s conclusion.
  • Parent participation in a child’s preschool program is positively associated with social adjustment and school performance.
  • Parent-teacher interactions provide smoother transitions for the child.
  • Small class size and high adult-child ratio results in higher quality childcare.
  • Parent co-ops organize a support community for children, including teachers and other families.
  • Parent involvement raises the aspirations parents have for their children, which, in turn, encourages children to see themselves as capable of meeting these aspirations.


Yikes Tikes! Parent Co-Op Requirements

  • Each member family must spend 25% of their child’s monthly enrolled time working in the classroom. The classroom worker may be a parent, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or an adult sibling (over 18).
  • Each family member who works in the classroom must have a current TB test.
  • Each member family must work at 40-60 hrs/year on a Parent Committee.
  • Each member family must work at 2 or more events per year.


Co-Op Functioning

  • To ensure communication between members, and between members and Board, each site Co-Op meets monthly to discuss classroom- and co-op related matters.
  • The Membership Committee maintains a member contact list for all 4 site Co-Ops.
  • The Parent Representative from each site assists the teacher in ensuring classroom parent coverage, communication, meetings, and site leadership.