Yikes Tikes CSLOT! is located in Fremont, Los Altos, and San Jose. Group sizes range from six to 12 children. Your child may attend two days or four days per week.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 11:15 am.

Every day at Yikes Tikes CSLOT! children engage in fun and challenging activities designed to help them grow. Activities in Yikes Tikes CSLOT! may include:

  • Group and individual play. Children arrive with their parents, socialize, and play with their peers in the presence of their parents. During this time, the teacher provides informal practical training to parents to help parents learn positive play-based tools designed to aid their child’s social and emotional development.
  • Circle time. The group sits in a circle and the adult facilitator leads the group in activities designed to develop language and pre-literacy skills, such as singing, storytelling and book reading. This is a time for discussion on topics of interest and revisiting activities and experiences from previous sessions.
  • Fine motor activity. Development of fine motor skills has been shown to enhance the cognitive and attention skills required for kindergarten success. Fine motor activities are based on the interests of the child and are created to develop the coordination between the eyes and the small muscles in the hands and fingers, increase exposure to new sensorimotor inputs, and promote attention and focus.
  • Snack time. Snack time provides the adult facilitator with the opportunity to promote valuable social and emotional skills such as sharing, turn taking, and table manners. Parents provide a snack for their children each day. Should a child not have a snack sent with them, we can provide a snack. Sometimes, the children and the adults prepare their snack for the day during a cooking activity.
  • Movement and gross motor activities. Gross motor ability has been shown to impact academic performance and social-emotional maturity as it is correlated with working memory, processing speed and self-confidence. Our program aims to promote gross motor development by providing movement activities designed by Occupational Therapists in an indoor gym. These activities foster the development of balance, coordination, spatial awareness, muscle tone and flexibility through dancing, swinging, sliding, dangling, lifting, running, jumping and climbing.
  • Walk or outdoor exploration. Exploring the natural environment that surrounds our classrooms is a highlight for our children each day. Children, parents, and paraprofessionals are guided by the adult facilitator in an outdoor walk. Children are encouraged to observe the trees, plants, flowers, grass, bugs, and the changes in weather. While outdoors, children also engage in outdoor play activities such as art and water play. Note: The walk and outdoor exploration have been temporarily suspended at our San Jose site due to parental preference.
  • Rest time. A rest time is offered as an option to our children to help them be restored and regain their energy. This is an optional time of the day for the children who desire it. During this time, the children may lie down and rest in a quiet room to the soothing sound of background music or quietly look at books. An adult stays in the room with the children who choose rest time.  Note: We are currently offering rest time only at our Fremont site.
  • Reading. Storytelling and retelling, reading for pleasure, repeated readings of favorite stories, and interactive story reading have been shown to positively affect pre-literacy skills and increase reading comprehension. Moreover, research shows that when reading activities take place in a group setting the overall reading comprehension of each child increases. Our program includes group reading activities to support the development of pre-literacy skills.
  • Goodbye circle. Each session concludes with an ending circle where children discuss the day’s activities, bid farewell to one another and prepare to greet their parents. Learning appropriate behavior for transition periods is an important social-emotional skill for kindergarten and beyond.