As of June 1, 2018, we will discontinue the parent co-op aspect of Yikes Tikes!

Through May 31, our parent co-op operates in conjunction with the Yikes Tikes! Board of Directors to ensure the smooth functioning of the preschool program. Parents sit on the Board, assist in the classroom, organize fundraisers, and are involved in other support activities. Membership is voluntary and open to all persons willing to accept the responsibilities of membership. Each member family is responsible for assisting 25% of your child’s enrolled time in the classroom. Parents with schedules that don’t allow workday participation may send a family member as a substitute, or in some cases perform other jobs for the co-op.

Each member family has a vote in key policy decisions that affect their child’s education. Enrollment preference is given to current Yikes Tikes! families, employees of CSLOT and Yikes Tikes!, and donors to Yikes Tikes! All Yikes Tikes! families are required to be members of the co-op.