Dealing with Disappointment

Dealing with disappointment

Dealing with disappointment

Sometimes things don’t work out. That’s life. Tough as that lesson may be, and tough as it may be for parents to watch their kids experience disappointment, it’s important to let it happen now and then. We want to shield our children from experiencing failure because we want them to feel good about themselves. But, ironically, disappointments and failure are actually beneficial for kids. Learning to deal with setbacks helps them develop in important ways, such as coping skills, emotional resilience, creative thinking, and the ability to collaborate. Rather than being simply a source of pain, failure is an opportunity for a child to practice saying, “I can deal with this. I’m strong.”

The important lesson of failure extends into adult life as well, and even into the life of an organization. Yikes Tikes! recently experienced a disappointment, when the building we had slated for moving our Los Altos co-op site into this summer, was instead given to another company who didn’t need any costly TI’s. It didn’t work out! That’s life. As tempting as a temper tantrum might be, we instead chose to re-evaluate our specs, regroup, and begin again, this time with a better understanding of the city permit code and of the overall commercial real-estate market in our area (gulp!). We are working with JLL Silicon Valley to find a new new home for our Los Altos site, and it’s also time to find a new home for Fremont and San Jose.

In the spirit of developing in important ways after experiencing disappointment, we would like to flex our collaborative and creative-thinking muscles, and team up with YOU to find these new homes for Yikes Tikes! Our must-haves include approximately 1,800 square feet of outdoor space and approximately 900 square feet of indoor space. We are open to any and all ideas about spaces that fulfill these two requirements. If you know someone who can help us in our search, please let us know! This is a fabulous opportunity for the Yikes Tikes! community to practice saying, “we can deal with this. We are strong.”

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