At Yikes Tikes! our primary goal is to help children obtain the social, emotional and pre-academic skills fundamental to kindergarten success. To support this goal, we maintain a consistent 1:6 adult-to-child ratio, which allows our teachers to provide each child with enough attention to effectively model appropriate behavior and social skills and teach pre-academic competencies.

Yikes Tikes, Too! is contained within our current Yikes Tikes! program, and is taught by an Early Education teacher. However, in addition to our typical preschool programming, your child will throughout the day supported by our specially-trained clinical aides. This aide will help your child access the preschool curriculum. A clinician from our partner, Center for Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy ( provides a 30-minute weekly consult to ensure that your child’s needs are being met within the class. Yikes Tikes, Too! features a 3:1 ratio.
Our program emphasizes social interaction during the day, and consistent with Reggio Emilia, Yikes Tikes! educational approach, supports children’s inquiry. We work with your child’s strengths at his or her current developmental levels and provide scaffolding to build skills, competencies, and knowledge.

Fees and Co-Op Membership

The fee for CSLOT’s Yikes Tikes, Too! program is $85/child/day. You may choose a 2-day enrollment option or a 4-day enrollment option. To enroll in Yikes Tikes, Too! click here.
All families enrolled in Yikes Tikes, Too! must be members of our Yikes Tikes! Parent Co-Op, and therefore subject to the same Co-Op agreements and guidelines. To read more about Co-Op membership, click here.

How do I know if my child is a candidate for Yikes Tikes, Too!?

We require each child to receive a screening before starting in Yikes Tikes! or Yikes Tikes, Too! to ensure the best fit. We use the BDI-2 Screener to determine which program would be right for your child. The teacher or a clinician will advise you about the most appropriate placement after administering the Screener. We charge a $50 fee for this procedure. If your child has previously received a BDI-2 assessment (within the past 6 months), we can use results from that previous assessment to place your child, and you do not need the Screener.

If your child has a history of developmental concerns, or has received an evaluation in the past, please bring pediatric medical records and copies of the evaluation to your screening.