Center for Speech Language and Occupational Therapy

Yikes Tikes! is located in the offices of the Center for Speech Language and Occupational Therapy (CSLOT), a complete diagnostic and therapeutic center founded in 1980 for disorders of communication, movement, and accented English. CSLOT operates in four locations around the San Francisco Bay Area and has contract agreements with California State Regional Centers in three counties. In addition to providing rent-free space for Yikes Tikes! CSLOT also provides administrative leadership and the support of Speech- Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists, who help lead the curriculum and are available to provide additional developmental consultation when needed.

Corporate Sponsors

Yikes Tikes! gratefully recognizes Anna Cebrian and Illusive Comics for their generous support!



“We like to give back to organizations that are a big part of our lives. We think that Yikes Tikes! will do great things, and we want to see Yikes Tikes! grow.” – Anna Cebrian

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